RC Hobby Athens

About RC hobby Athens
Starting in 1989 and having 24 years of modeling service, Dimitris Koutras had one goal: to create a store that will specialize, exclusively with the model car.

RC Hobby Athens today aims to delight the carmaker – whether racing or not – by offering competitive and high quality models as well as full spare parts coverage and support.

Notes by Dimitris Koutras:

Modeling has remained degraded in the priorities of the Greek for what he will do in his free time. This is probably due to the fact that he has not understood the value and benefits of modeling. The RC Hobby Athens was created out of love for car modeling and is its driving force. My goal is for the precious, available free time of the Greek model to spend as pleasantly as possible. Thus, the offer of RC Hobby Athens to the model stands out during the collaboration and not at the time of sale.

From the beginning of its history, RC Hobby Athens, dealt mainly with racing, with the immediate real winner being the customer, since knowledge and experiences are transferred to him and improve the real time of fun with his model, proposing specific and experienced solutions. The years passed but the motto the races evolved the genre remained and the RC Hobby Athens continues to attract and is attracted by competitors. The result of this effort is the RC Hobby Athens to display today one of the most brilliant and victorious racing courses of a modeling store in Greece.